Hey There, Hunters And Farmers

Have you ever harvested an animal, but didn’t know what to do with that extra pound of tallow?

Or you could make world class pastries with it.

Or you could make world class pastries with it.

Sure you could mix it in with your elk sausage or feed it to your dog, but wouldn’t it be great if you could give it to friends and family as a gift?

Well, now you can!

Dirty Bird Soap will custom make you a batch of soap with a pound of your rendered fat. You will get to choose your own scent and colour, help design your label, and come up with a creative name.(Gerri thinks that no matter what name you choose, all bear soap should have something to do with The Revenant in it.)

In the end, you will get about 3.5 pounds of soap, cut into fourteen, approximately one inch thick bars and some really cool packaging.

But wait, Dirty Birds. How much is this going to cost me, and how long will it take to get my soap back?

We’re glad that you asked that. The starting price is $60. That includes two ounces of any of the fragrance oils we have in stock, labels, and any natural colourants that we have. That is also if you render the fat down yourself. The timeline depends on how busy we are, but for a simple batch of hot process soap, you would be looking at around a month.

Things that will add to cost and time are:

  • If we have to render the tallow – $20 + about two weeks
  • If you want essential oils, or something we don’t stock – time and cost depends
  • If you want a custom logo – starts at free and goes up in cost and time
  • Any other cool thing you want done – let’s discuss it, because we reward creativity

We should also mention that you can’t legally sell your soap to people, so far as we know, but we are looking into the legality of it, for our own curiosity and protection. We believe that if an animal is legally harvested, and we are not profiting from the sale of any wildlife byproducts, then we are good to go. We will be calling the ministry this week to confirm that, and if there is an update, we will post it here.

But what about the pound of bacon grease that I have saved in my freezer? Can’t I get that made into soap?

You bet your clogged arteries you can! We turn almost any oil into soap for money, and especially something as cool as that. We might even knock off some of the price if we could have a few bars of it. Other than that though, the same rules apply.

If you are interested, you can reach us through the contact page.

The white one in the back is our all natural tea tree and clove shampoo bar. It will be ready soon.

The white one in the back is our all natural tea tree and clove shampoo bar. It will be ready soon.

This is the end product of Carol’s batch. It was made with bear lard, patchouli, and coloured with walnut hulls and kelp. We also added some of the other oils that make our soap what it is. Oh, and we can’t forget Hudson’s Hope Honey beeswax.