Hey! I Found Some Dog Hair On My Soap

If it's worth anything, we bathe the boys in Plain Jane. It's totally pet safe.

If it’s worth anything, we bathe the boys in Plain Jane. It’s totally pet safe.

Well, just relax and breathe. We aren’t going to charge you any extra for that.

Of course we are just kidding, but in all seriousness we make the soap in the kitchen, cure it in the coat room, and label it in the living room.

In our house that we live in.

With these two.

Blue and I meeting Dover at the Fort St. John BCSPCA to see if it was okay to take him home.

Blue and I meeting Dover at the BCSPCA to see if it was okay to take him home.

Both of them shed all over your soap, much to our chagrin, but it’s a small price to pay to have them in our lives.

For us. You may feel differently.


We rescued Blue just before we got married, and if you knew him like we do, you would probably take his hair and try to clone him with it. He’s a dog that values love and affection over treats, but not over hunting. He loves to shred garbage and go visit other people, dogs, and forests without his family’s knowledge or approval. He has never peed in the house, but one time when he was really sick, he did poop on the floor. Sometimes him and I have physical fights when he tries to assert his dominance, but he’s never bitten anyone, to my knowledge, so I think we are doing okay.

He has taught our whole family just how special rescuing an animal can be for everyone involved. He’s the whole reason that we took a chance on Dover, who came to us almost twenty pounds heavier than he is now.

The excitement of a new home wore him out pretty quickly

The excitement of a new home wore him out pretty quickly

He needs to have an antiseptic solution rubbed into his gums every Friday, because of an infection that he had when the shelter got him. He was in pretty bad shape, but not all from abuse in the traditional sense. He was probably adored so much that he was given anything he wanted to eat, and had little veterinary care or exercise. He seems pretty head shy, and he squeals like he had his back broken when you startle him, so he may have been used to a bit harsher treatment than most dogs get, but that’s not for me to say.

He’s probably one of the most vacuous dogs that I have ever met, and is almost impossible for me to train, but it’s that part of him that brings some very important life lessons for me to learn.

Sympathy, patience, and anger management.

Did I mention that he pees on whatever he can reach, whenever he is left alone for a few minutes? Yeah, camera equipment, an iPad, and the curtains to name a few. He’s food obsessed, more than any dog I know of, and he doesn’t seem to actually love anyone like most dogs do, but no matter how many times we joke about him moving on to the next chapter in his life, I don’t think our lives would be as full as they are now.

Also, Blue has sort of warmed up to him.

How could we break up yin and yang?

How could we break up yin and yang?

Anyhow, we try to pick off the dog hairs when we see them, but they do slip by and for that we apologize. Until we can afford a separate building to do all of our soap related work (we keep dreaming), we have to work with what we have, and that is a humble, hairy home. If you do find a hair or three on any bars of soap that you buy from us, you can pick them off, leave them on, or return the bar for a full refund or a new bar. Unless you find it in the middle of the bar, in which case you are one of the luckiest people in the land, and should go and buy a lottery ticket.

In any case, you just have to be happy that our other pets don’t live in the soap room any more.