We Need Guinea Pigs

As some of the locals know, we have been making different, natural skin products lately.

We are narrowing things down, and have come up with some pretty decent recipes, but we need some Hudson’s Hopers to try them out for us. Right now it’s the heavier moisturizing cream that we call Night Shift. It’s apparently a good face moisturizer for overnight, but as a man I don’t know much about that stuff. I would probably just call it Un-Crack Your Knuckles or something manly and clever, but I guess we are going to try marketing to ladies and other people who actually care about their face skin.

Just so you know, I do rub it into my knuckles, and they are luxuriously supple. Especially for this time of year.

If anyone is interested in helping us out, we have a bunch of sample pots for you to try.

Look, we got professional makeup pots and everything.

Just comment on here or get a hold of us in some other way. We can’t get Facebook messages on our phones, but can see comments and respond to them when we get home.

We also want you to know that if you don’t provide feedback about it, we will hound you. As much as we love giving out samples, we really do need to know if this is the best that we can do for our customers. The recipe has been tweaked on feedback from a couple of helpful people, but now we need more thirsty skin to see if this is worth doing.

We also have other things on the go, so keep an eye out in the future for other exciting products.

The middle ones are the Pink Grapefruit lip balms from the craft fair. They are pretty yummy.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to try this cream out, and not just women either. If you are a dude that has trouble with dry skin anywhere, we would love to know if it helps with that as well. We are going to be working on all kinds of new ideas, and some sort of healing salve might be one of them.