Locate Dirty Bird Soap


As of right now, we are only selling our soap locally, at the Farmer’s Market in Hudson’s Hope, BC, and in Harwood, Ontario via Pat Bird at 905-342-5237. We can also deliver to Fort St. John if we are heading in there. (usually a few times a month) We hope to be able to expand on that this summer, and eventually be able to open an online store, but for the moment we will try to create new soap, while still making what sells locally, before branching out further than we can handle right now.

Believe me, we would like nothing more than to go full throttle into soaping heaven, but we need to be realistic and try to grow gradually with grace and honour, instead of getting too far ahead of our ability, time and space constraints, as well as our creativity. We find that scents come to us organically, but trying to recreate them with the proper colours and style is a lot harder than it seems.

We hope that you understand.