Are We All-Natural?

Nope, but some of our products are.

We try to use ingredients that are ethical, local, and natural; and we are working towards a line of all-natural soaps, but at this stage it isn’t really feasible or even practical.

Our lard is rendered by us, but the pork could be from Timbuktu for all we know. I believe that it is often from a local packer, but it could come from anywhere there is a sale. All we really know is that it will get thrown out if we don’t take it, so we take it. See our page on animal fat.

Some soap contains essential oils, but for the most part the scent you smell comes from fragrance oil. Some fragrance oil is natural, but usually it’s a synthetic blend of who knows what. I do know that they are all phlalate free, and are certified safe, if that helps when talking about synthetic anything.

Our beeswax has been rendered from honeycombs that we got from our local beekeeper. If that supply dries up, then we will have to branch out to other sources, but we will try to at least keep it in the Peace Region. I know that it won’t compare to the gold we have now, but I’m sure it will be just fine.

Some of the locally sourced beeswax that we use in a lot of our products.

Some of the locally sourced beeswax that we use in a lot of our products.

As for the vegetable oils used to make the soap, it’s just run of the mill oil. Some is organic, some is not. The shortening contains palm oil. We’re not happy about it, but even the shortening at the health food store has it as the main ingredient. The shea butter is refined, and the cocoa butter is too. We are working towards more purity, but we also don’t want to charge $8 for a bar of soap, so we keep looking for better, more sustainable ways of doing things.

As for the colorants used, they are all natural, we try to use herbs and flowers as often as we can. Even the unnatural looking colours that you see in some bars are surprisingly natural. Oxides and ultramarines are both natural colorants that are used in soap, as well as the activated charcoal that we bought, but haven’t tried yet. I don’t even know what scent black goes with. Maybe we’ll get some Drakkar Noir fragrance oil for that?

Anyhow, we hope that answers some of your questions before you had to ask them. We really are trying to work towards a more ecological future, for us, and for the planet. We’re not perfect, but we are still striving.