Vanilla Capp

Vanilla Cappucino


Product Description

Sometimes we just can’t get enough coffee. We put the water on to boil and jump in the shower, but who can wait eight minutes for that first cup? I know I can’t.

That’s why we designed Vanilla Cappucino. We used a strong coffee infusion and then used a fine grind for colour and super-scratchy exfoliant. It’s just what you need to tide you over until you can pour that first cup up your nose.

Yeah, it usually takes me a few tries to get it into my mouth. I need to stop watching cat videos all night when I know I have to get up so early.

PH – 7-9

Colour – A fresh two bite brownie

Hardness – The two bite brownie that I found between my seats from last year. What? I had to bite it to see if it was still good. It’s the scientist in me.

This soap contains saponified animal/vegetable oil, coffee, more coffee, and phlalate free fragrances.


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